Clutch Re-Released!

Redrawing all the dicks to make them monstrous (human dicks was required by the anthology publisher), adding a page for pacing, adding some development drawing, and some new illustrations. 

Released FlameCon2018
Online Sales Soon!


Upcoming Conventions

None scheduled! On the waitlist for MICE 2018. For 2019, applied to MAGFest and AwesomeCon, will be applying to TCAF shortly.





The next installment in The Aerie series, "Plunge" is a love lost and found lesbian story featuring a deep-diving gannet harpy and a long distance rower.

The main story is set in 3 parts: meeting, longing and searching, and reunion. A bonus 4th part will be entirely porn.

Currently under development. 
Part 1 begins in 2019


Budget Buster:
Wedding crisis!!

Spiritual sequel to our 2016 ILUJam One Punch Man Game Deep Discount: Coupon Crisis! This short visual novel demo follows Genos and Saitama's romantic relationship from confession to engagement. Fluff and smut! Available Sometime 2018