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DEEP DISCOUNT: Coupon Crisis!!

A One Punch Man R18 (Adults Only) visual novel!

Find love AND discounts in this steamy, OPM-inspired 18+ ILUJam game!!

It's the day of the big sale at the grocery store, but can Saitama make it there in time to get the best deals? Will he and Genos figure out what's going on between them? What about that pesky ninja, Sonic? Will he get the kobe beef? Or will he get the beef, if you catch our drift?

Remember: ADULTS ONLY!

Play as Saitama in 6 possible endings (fuck/reject): 2 Genos, 2 Sonic, and the Egg Sandwich route wherein you can totally get down with both your hot cyborg roommate and your self-proclaimed ninja rival.


Coding/Project Management:
Kasey: @mineraloid || @spacekase on Twitter

Dechanique: Lead Artist
Frog: NSFW!! @filthyamphibian || oversized_frog on twitter
Nechama: Flatting

Frog and I split the workload: For many of the images, Frog thumnailed/sketched the images, which I then penciled/adjusted and inked. Nechama flatted, and Frog colored.

All of us had input, but DOJ (@serkai) wrote Sonic Route; Amy wrote Genos Route (throatkiss on Twitter); Sandwich was Group Effort; Me on PORN FILL-IN DUTY