About me and my work

Dechanique (detch-an-eek)
aka Deanna Echanique (eh-cha-nee-keh)

I am a queer comic artist, 1st generation American of Ecuadorian descent.  I was born April 3, 1984, raised in Miami, FL, and am currently located around Washington, DC.  I have drawn as long as I can remember, but my love affair with comics began in 1995, inspired by my best friend's French editions of Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2. Since, I have created over 2,000 pages of sequential work alone.

My work has been featured on Slipshine (Dome 8) and Filthy Figments (Nights in Amore), and in the anthologies Smut Peddler 2012 ("Yes and No"), Food Porn ("Knead and Rise"), and My Monster Boyfriend ("Clutch").

Reoccurring Motifs: space exploration and aliens; elves and magic; queer relationships; catboys, harpies, and other animal-people; sex and gender fluidity or ambiguity; angels, demons, and death; androids and cyborgs; love polygons; familial dysfunction; and various unhealthy coping mechanisms.