Nights in amore

(2014 – Current) 5 CHAPTERS - Serialized on Filthy Figments

A mahou shoujo (magical girl) adult comic series featuring a team of lady mercenary-knights that inhabit the stronghold of Amore.  Each issue features a different member of the Amore team.

Chapter 1: Panyin

Meet Panyin, the only non-magical member of Amore. Life is rough without a sparkly transformation sequence, but Panyin’s trusty squire Darren is more than happy to ease her tensions.
(12 pages)

Chapter 2: Arilla

Arilla receives a challenge from her Life Rival Sanga, to meet at the regional Knight Tourney to fight for the championship title. For both, however, the true reward of this tourney come after the competition, and the hungrily anticipated games of submission and domination.
(14 pages)

Chapter 3: Taiomah

The Amore team on hot on the trail of a hefty bounty when they’re forced apart at the hands of their sorcerer quarry.  After the team throws in the towel, Taiomah continues in pursuit alone. But Tokori has his own reasons for his thievery, and a little mutual attraction goes a long way in coming to an equally beneficial understanding. (24 pages)