la macchina bellica

8 Chapters - 296 Pages
January 2008 - April 2014
Wartime Romance/Drama


La Macchina Bellica follows Aubrey Devon, the only daughter of a strict, military family.  Aubrey leaves home to attend the Academy, a training and educational center where her estranged older brother Aiden and his partner Perth work.  As she navigates her new found freedom, she befriends a pair of adventurous Selkies, gets a job with her new roommate at a bakery, and sticks her foot right in the middle of interpersonal drama between her brothers and the Dean of the Engineering Department.  

Meanwhile, across enemy lines, scientist and engineer Kana Inari, is transferred to the Northern Penitentiary, a research and development facility experimenting on prisoners of war.  Disgusted by their practices, she attempts to bridge kindness to an inmate and ends up becoming an accessory to prison-break.  Well... it's not like she liked this job anyways.   

Volume 1 Reprint Cover - 2011

The future of macchina

The existing 8 chapters of Macchina will be compiled into a PDF for distribution.  No new chapters of Macchina will be made in it's original incarnation. 

Even rewriting the script several times and coming at it from different angles, I realized I couldn't force the story as it exists to fit into the vision I currently had for it; that there was more I wanted to say in a different way that I could not while salvaging the existing chapters.  I decided to lock the story away for a few years, work on shorter pieces and up my comic game, and come back to this story with fresh eyes, new skills, and greater life experience.

Character drawings done May 2015, in pondering a simpler style/new look for Macchina

Character drawings done May 2015, in pondering a simpler style/new look for Macchina