Dome 8

Janus is a confident, non-binary 30-some year old looking for a change of pace and new romantic opportunities.  When Janus’ mother announced her upcoming retirement from managing the retail store on the Mars Colony’s Dome 8, they were eager to escape the over-crowding of Earth and make the long journey to take the reins of the family business.  Life on the colony frontier is just the kind of excitement Janus was looking for!

While managing the day-to-day operations of the shop, Janus becomes familiar with the delivery employees servicing Dome 8:  The chipper Rashid, an employee of SolEx, with the fastest fleet of cargo vessels in the Sol system, IF you can afford it; Cory, the underpaid and overworked IPS employee, stuck on the Mars Colony until their transport debt is paid; Ashley, a soft-spoken government postal employee who’s been working in the Domes since the Colony’s founding; and Esther, a plucky Mars-born running her own courier system within Dome 8.

read the 16 page intro below!

You can also read Dome 8 on the paysite Slipshine via the link below.

I'm currently adapting the existing Dome 8 comic script to turn this story into a Visual Novel!! Please look forward to more about that in the future! Check the tumblr tag for the latest news and development.