2006-2009             Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing
2002-2005             Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


D'Anastasio, Cecilia. "One-Punch Man Sex Game Gets Discounts Right." Kotaku. 18 October 2016.  (Click title for link)

Creative Works

June - October 2016    Deep Discount: Coupon Crisis! Digital Distribution, via - Released October 2016. Erotic Visual Novel based on the manga and TV series One Punch Man.  Created with an awesome group of folks for #ILUJam2.


May - Sept 2016     Egg Sandwich Part 1. Printed September 2016. A 40 page erotic and humor comic based on the manga and TV series One Punch Man.


2014 – 2015           Nights in Amore. Digital Distribution, for Filthy Figments. Ongoing erotic comic series for Filthy Figments, starring an all-female-identified squad of magical transforming mercenary knights and their romantic adventures. Mixed medias.


2015                      “Dome 8: Welcome to Mars.” Digital Distribution, for SlipShine. March 2015. 16 pages. Erotic comic featuring a non-binary (intersex) protagonist who moves to Earth’s Mars Colony to take over their mother’s import shop. Ink and color pencils on brown paper.


2014 -- 2015          “S.H.I.P.S.: Seong and Hughes Investigative Planetary Surveyors.” A Collaborative Comic with Em Huff. Print: Self-Published. Digital Distribution through the Beyond Anthology (Queer Sci-Fi/Fantasy). 16 pages.


2008 – 2014          La Macchina Bellica Queer Wartime Romance/Drama (Webcomic).  Explores familial relationships, infatuation, dealing with that horrible ex-boyfriend you keep running into, substance abuse, and the individual psychological effects of an ongoing global conflict.

La Macchina Bellica: Volume 1. California: Self-Published, September 2009. 196 pages. Collected comics, Chapters 1 through 5.

La Macchina Bellica: Volume 2. California: Self-Published, April 2014.  180 pages. Collected comics, Chapters 6 through 8.


2011 – 2013          Kindling.  With Nerad, Jason (writer). California, Self-Published, September 2013.  130 pages.  A post-apocalyptic tale of survival set in the American Southwest. Ink on Bristol, screentones in Manga Studio.


Feb – Sept 2015    “Clutch.” Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Boyfriend: Iron Circus Comics. Kickstarted February 2016. 25 pages. A Native trans woman becomes hunting partners with a male harpy, and their relationship develops over the course of the season.


July – Aug 2015     “Knead and Rise.” Food Porn: Filthy Figments Imprint, April 2016.  Short erotic comic featuring a threesome in the back room of a bakery. 10 pages.


April 2015             “Janus.”  Love in All Forms: The Big Book of Growing Up Queer. Printed by Serafina Dwyer (via Kickstarter). 3 pages. Short story on a child’s right to bodily autonomy.  Ink and color pencils on brown paper.


2013                      “Moros the Macabre.”  GhostBook. 13 Crowns Production. August 2013, Page 7-8.  Illustration anthology, pencils and watercolors.


2012                      “Risen from Ruins.” With Nerad, Jason (writer). Magic Bullet #5: DC Comics Conspiracy. Printed July 28, 2012, Page 32, Newspaper.


2012                      “Yes and No.” With Hunt, Alice (writer).  Smut Peddler (2012): Iron Circus Comics. A gay erotic comic set in the 1950’s, between an ad-man and an artist, who meet on the subway and bond over Kandinsky.  Pages 199 - 210. 


Best Anthology, Stumptown Comic Awards. Smut Peddler (2012): Iron Circus Comics. April 29, 2013.